The FSCompose is a software suite that allows any payload provider, user or hobbyist to test and develop their payload on Earth the same way it will be deployed in space when flying with DPhi Space. Software-wise, the architecture is as shown in the image below. Here we will describe how to use this software suite during development and testing of the payload on the ground, with little to no extra hardware.


The main components of the system are :

Data Architecture

As the FS does not directly interface with the payload, the FS and the payload container share a data folder, as depicted in the image below:

On the FS side, running in the DPhi Space OBC, this folder is mounted on the /app/payloads/[Username]/ folder.

On the payload container side, the data folder is mounted at /data. For the Camera payload it would be also /data, but they are not shared between users for obvious data privacy and protection reasons. Meaning that payload1 does not have access to Camera’s /data folder, and vice-versa.

Therefore, when we uplink a file destinated to payload1, we need to ensure we uplink it to /app/payloads/payload1 so that the payload1 container can access it through the aforementioned /data folder. This uplink is represented below.

Once the file is in the shared folder, we can directly access it from the payload1 container (/data/script.py in this example).

Next Steps